China Team Journal

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Word Games

Marcia did the usual word frame introduction. I then paired the students and had them read to each other about the animal.  The teacher and I walked around the room reading with the students pronouncing and defining unfamiliar words.  There is a huge gap between recognizing the written word and being able to speak it. Creating simple sentences was difficult for the students, but we practiced what and where and I used rhyming words to pair students. There are a great deal of flash cards with rhyming words (and pictures of the object).  The students had to write one sentence using both words. Adjective exercises: We made a list of adjectives describing friends. These were listed, pronounced and explained. The students picked a trait and used a sentence with the adjective that described their friend. I then asked questions like – “Who is more _______, you or your friend?  Give me an example of how your friend is kind etc.”

We played charades with very simple words (also written in Chinese – sad, angry, shopping, dancing, ping pong, old. My afternoon class was really enthusiastic and quite good at performing. I had a few extra words and there were several volunteers to act these out. Right after one break two students danced to music for the class (volunteered). They danced beautifully and gracefully. Later the class (all girls) sang me a song.

We also visited their dorm rooms (4-6 to a room, compact) saw their laundry facilities and passed the medical building, restaurant/supermarket and showers. We went with several of the staff, as well as, Baoli and Julia to a very tasty lunch. We learned that in their culture when toasting you always try to have your glass lower than the other person’s to show respect. Often they will tap their glass (the lowest you can get) on the table.

We had dinner at a noodle restaurant.  We drank “noodle water”, a first for Americans.