China Team Journal

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Positive Day

Today was a very successful day in the classrooms.  Each of the team members was pleased with the behavior and the attitude of the students. They all seemed to try their best and were respectful. Julia placed an adult assistant in each room to help, particularly with explaining directions in Chinese if necessary. In my class I introduced myself with photos of Oregon and then I put statements on the board about me. Students guessed if they were true or false or correct or incorrect. They enjoyed this and then they each wrote three sentences about themselves and the class guessed whether they were true or false. This provided an opportunity to get to know one another as well as to correct some wording such as putting “to” before the verb and sometimes interjecting other necessary words. I then showed them some animal cards one by one and we wrote adjectives to describe them, practicing the pronunciation and clarifying meaning. Next I wrote some riddles using the adjectives listed.  They did well guessing the animal. Then they each wrote a riddle and we all guessed it. With the little time left, I shared my experiences in Xi’an and what I’ve been enjoying and tried to speak a bit of Chinese. We then took pictures and ended on a very positive note. Alyssa shared her dancing abilities with her students and they in turn with much delight showed her their love of dance. Marcia engaged her students in a stimulating travel adventure experience which made their time especially fun.  All team members felt positive about their time today in that there were warm moments and laughter in all the classes.