China Team Journal

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Host Partner Plea for 2009

On behalf of all the teachers and students in Xi'an Biomedical Technical College, we wish to express both our sincere appreciation for Global Volunteers' generous contributions and sincere wish for volunteers' continuous service to our college in the future.

When we heard the bad economy may affect future numbers of volunteers, we feel sad, disappointed. We want to shout loud to the other side of the world “please help us”, but we know our voice can not reach that far. Would you please help to tell all the volunteers we need them here?

We can still remember how excited the students and the teachers were when the news came that Global Volunteers would come back to teach again. Till now, we both have spent some time with volunteers. We know the real reason why there are so many unforgettable stories about them. For many students, their coming has become their first time to talk to teachers from the other side of the Pacific Ocean, who have different colored skin, eyes and hair. Before they came, it was common that many students feared English, because for them, the study of English meant endless and tedious vocabularies, grammar and tests.

However, the volunteer teachers are like a fresh spring stream, giving the students enthusiasm to learn English well. Not merely because of their fresh appearance and their interactive way of teaching. Their patience, patience and encouragement also gave the students courage, which is likely to influence not only their English learning but even their whole life. Moreover, their sincerity, respect, frankness, honesty, dedication and good sense of humor are all life lessons for us.

The most valuable gaining for both the volunteers and us is the same... the love. The seed of love has been sowed by volunteers here, and also been brought back to the U.S. It’s hard for me to make a long list to measure how much the volunteers warm our hearts. It is also love to make us sad when farewell time comes. I cried bitterly when Jim, a nice teacher who has been remembered by many people, left. It's love that binds us and makes us want to see each other again. We cannot imagine how we can get through the next year without volunteers coming to help! Sincerely,
-Sunshine (English teacher) and Julia Dong (Director of Foreign Affairs Office)