China Team Journal

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

English Lovers

Today was a voluntary class for students who are “English Lovers”.  Alyssa had 8 students, Patricia had 4 and I had 5.  I do not have a teaching background, so I worry a little about lesson plans.  I am very fortunate because there is one young lady whose English is quite good.  She helps in class, especially in giving directions.  I start by introducing myself, Marcia Wilson, from Chicago.  I then write 6 statements on the board, having the students read the statements aloud.  I also review vocabulary.  Five statements are true and one is false.  Activity 1 – I pass out slips of paper with environments written on them – forest, desert, jungle, ocean, mountain etc.  Students choose blindly.  They must draw a picture of the environment and then describe the picture to the class.  They seem to enjoy this.  I want to buy larger pieces of paper and colored pencils to enhance this activity.  Activity 2 – I give a sentence frame and students introduce themselves and the person next to them.  “My name is ___________.  __________is my friend.  He/she likes to ___________.  He/she does not like to _________.   Activity 4 – I provide maps of the world and the U.S.  Sentence frame – “If I had time and money, I would travel to ___________.  I would like to see ___________.  I would like to do ___________.  I would like to learn to ___________.  Pairs work together.  Also I wrote questions:  Why, How, What, When.  They picked destinations, something to see, activities to do.  Later they had to draw or act out the activity (only I chose to “act out” the activity.  The others drew.)  As a group, they decided which ten things they should pack in their suitcases.  We worked with opposites (very simple words).