China Team Journal

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Last Full Day

Today was our last full day of teaching. Alyssa and Patricia both began with using the rhyming cards to match students up with a partner. They then worked together to write a sentence using their two rhymes. Then they spent some time practicing reading their animal card, looking up words they didn’t know and learning to pronounce difficult words.  They then took turns reading the cards to the class.  The class developed a question and they found the answer on the card.

Then we introduced words associated with clothing along with color words. After modeling the phrase, “She is wearing __________.”  Students chose a picture from a magazine to describe with their partner. They used the words on the board which had pictures drawn next to them to describe the person’s clothing in their picture. After practicing with their partner they shared it with the class. When all had finished we learned the song, “It’s a Small World.”  Then Alyssa shared a dance with them and they shared a dance with us.

During the lunch break we were treated to a lesson at a local restaurant in dumpling making.  It was fun to try to make the dumplings as neatly as the chef. Again, we felt honored to be given another genuine experience of Chinese culture.