China Team Journal

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Volunteers in Action

Today a young man came to video tape us volunteers in action. We had expected him in the morning, but due to miscommunication, he didn’t enter our class rooms until the afternoon session.  I was teaching a song, “When You’re Smiling” when they arrived, and though it went well, my raspy, off-key voice has now been recorded for poor, unsuspecting souls.

At lunch Della gave us a tour of some of the dormitories. I was impressed by how well the space was utilized in the four-bed units. Each bunk bed was over, not another bed, but a desk/study unit.

In the evening we met Baoli in the hotel lobby, and at our request, we had dinner at a restaurant in the nearby Tang West Market. High Fly features Italian food, and we gorged on pizza, a pleasant change from our usual Chinese fare.

- Judy