China Team Journal

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fun Filled Weekend

Thanks to Baoli, we had a great driver, Fisher, for the weekend. Wendy planned the itinerary for east of Xi’an on Saturday and west on Sunday. Saturday we visited Big Wild Goose Pagoda where the gorgeous peony gardens were the highlight for me—winding paths among flowers that are in full bloom now. Next, Fisher drove us to the Mausoleum Site Museum, the famous Terra Cotta dig site. It may be the most visited site in China and it’s as amazing as advertised. Visitors view the actual dig sites, see parts of warriors and horses that are “emerging,” those fully revealed and wonderful close-up displays. 

Sunday, Fisher drove us to the Hanyangling Museum, “the unique underground museum.” It‘s a site where visitors can walk on glass floors (or not) and view the actual dig site of a “domestic” burial below. The terracotta figures are small (not Warriors), various animals (dogs, cows, chickens, etc.) and household “appliances.” Our weekend finale was a 70 mile drive into the country side to Famen Temple, a sacred Buddhist site. Before visiting the temple, Fisher took us to a farmer’s house where we selected fresh vegetables, tofu, meat, etc. for a variety of dishes.