China Team Journal

Friday, September 13, 2013

The more students the merrier!

After a night of thunder, lightning, and rain, the morning shone bright and sunny. During our morning session our Global Volunteers trio became a duet when Phyllis left for a weekend destination.

Dick met his new students by introducing himself and showing his family album, including pastimes activity and observations of special events. Then he worked with them on calendar words, names of the month, and days of the week. Next was using the student’s text book to help on pronunciation of medical terms and usage words.

Facing a class of new faces, I greeted them with “Aloha” and a short introduction of myself and where I live. My question - how can I help the students? The teacher then told me to go over the new words and expressions listed in the textbook. By this time, our class size had increased with Phyllis’s class joining ours. Ha! The more the merrier. We managed to finish this page and started with new words on the next page.

Entry submitted by: Thelma

Message for the Day: “An inch of gold may be lost. A lost inch of time, never.” - Chinese Proverb