China Team Journal

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A full day of teaching

Today is our long day. We began teaching at 8:30 a.m. and ended our day at 5 p.m. Our day began by teaching nursing students. We all used their workbooks. We went through their new word list, reviewed last weeks work, sang, and did whatever we thought was needed. We then spoke to 200 – 300 first-year students. We all shared our names and what we did. The one hour was not enough time for them to ask questions. We needed to cut our introduction time so the students would have more time. We enjoyed a very large lunch of various Chinese dishes. In the afternoon we taught the Wicker students again. They were easier to teach. They participated more and their pronunciation of English words was good. We all had an easier and enjoyable time with the Wicker students. This was a good way to end our long school day. We all were too tired to think of shopping. The old guys ate dinner, took a bath, and hit the hay. 

Entry submitted by: Phyllis