China Team Journal

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A warm welcome from Principal Liu

Dick, Thelma, Phyllis, and Baoli began the day at school by walking the three to four flights of stairs to their classroom as there is no elevator. We began climbing and singing "Climb, Climb up Sunshine Mountain" to distract us from our first task of the day. When we reached the third floor, we were informed we needed to go to the principal's office. We were not sure what to expect. To our surprise there was a friendly, warm man to greet us, Principal Liu. Principal Liu welcomed us and shared his appreciation for our volunteering in his school. Also, if I am not mistaken it is Principal Liu’s private car and driver who transport us to and from our hotel to school daily. What a wonderful way for the three volunteers to start their day. 

This morning we had the HNC1 students. All of us used their nursing manual. We helped them with their pronunciation and clarification/definition of the words in their text book. Of course each day can't go by without singing and sharing of our own heritage and theirs. Our day ended with a nap then shopping. I'm happy I found a new Alaska fishing raincoat. My six-year-old raincoat crashed this year and I got soaked and wet. We are still looking for Thelma’s cassette player and Phyllis’ terra cotta soldiers. Now for dinner and bed.

Entry submitted by: Phyllis