China Team Journal

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A special day for teachers

It is a special day for teachers. For us, the day began as usual with a big breakfast at the hotel. The three musketeers left for school and began their days with one third of the two-year nursing students. The students were basically quiet, but answered our questions and could pronounce the words fairly well. In my class we practiced “How are you?” and “How do you feel?” We did some round singing of “The more we get together” and getting to know you. We also did some energy work and simple massage. I passed out the sheets with suffixes and prefixes. Dick had fun in his class sharing his Chinese history in Hawaii. He helped them pronounce the words from their nursing text book. Of course the retired minister shared his singing ability with the group, too. As a teacher, Thelma is most capable to help the students with conversational English. She helped them with the pronunciation of the words in their nursing text book and happy songs. We had to stay in our school to be available for the afternoon classes. Julia, Pan Pan, and Baoli took us to lunch at a restaurant across the street. We had a very tasty and popular Muslim dish called “beef or mutton soup with bread.” The most exciting part of lunch break was crossing a street with heavy traffic to get to the restaurant and back to school. We will be teaching another group this afternoon. The classes will be with the Urghur group. Now our day has ended and we are heading back to our hotel and dinner.

Entry submitted by: Phyllis