China Team Journal

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Team #203

Today was orientation day and the 1st day for the full group of China's Team # 203. This team is made up of 6 members and our team leader Wang Baoli. The team members are Tanya (a Global Volunteers employee) and her 8 year old son Tarik and Karen and her 2 children, 8 year old Cassidy and 11 year old Cormac (all from MN), and Cindy from RI. 


The 5 team members from MN all have some degree of familiarity with Chinese. Karen's family lived in China for 10 months and all 3 of the children in the group attend a Chinese immersion school. Cindy, on the other hand, spent $179 on the Rosetta Stone Mandarin program and learned 5 words. 


The orientation was held at the bio-technical college where Karen, Cassidy, Cormac, Tania and Tarik will teach conversational English. Cindy will be working at the La La Shou Special Education Center. Baoli went over the GV Philosophy, Procedures and Guidelines and the program in China. The team came up with team goals and discussed the characteristics of an effective team. Baoli reviewed some Health and Safety Procedures. Robinson, the president of the college, came to introduce himself and to meets us.


After the orientation we returned to the hotel for a traditional Chinese dinner and to discuss the logistics for the first day of work tomorrow and some team work assignments. Cindy will be the Journal Manager, Tania and Cormac will be the Farewell Program Manager and Karen will be the Free Time Planner Manager.


Tomorrow the adventure continues.....