China Team Journal

Monday, September 17, 2012

Dumpling Party

After breakfast we went to teach the class from last Monday. For some reason, the class was smaller than I remembered it. Mostly because it was a club, and also, they didn’t have to go. So we taught them a lot about Yinghua, and the school lunch, and then, at the ten minute break, I had a conversation with the class about how my class at Yinghua was like. Then, they had to say what English phrase they liked the most, and someone said “to be or not to be” which was pretty cool. After that, we had some down time, and I wanted to play with my 3DS, but my Mom demanded homework. Then, after that we were headed to the dumpling party for all the teachers. Obviously the little ones loved it (including me!) I ate so many dumplings that now I feel like one! Oh, but it was totally worth it! There were two types: meat and spinach. I mostly ate the meat ones, but both were good. Also, there was a cucumber dish that was my favorite! To gain some weight, we had fruits in yogurt dip.


Afterwards, we had a little down time to play games, do homework, etc. Then we headed toward dinner, and met up with the gang to do our entries and all.  For dinner, there was thousand layer bread with chili to put in it, and kiwi from Baoli’s brother-in-law. Then, for dessert, we had lemon filled custards that were warm and tasty. I’d say this was a good full day.