China Team Journal

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tai Chi

It is now harder and harder to be up that early in the morning but the great spread at breakfast makes it easier. Armed with our beginners’ English textbook, we are better prepared to teach our students. Searching the flashcards box and the resource room shelves we were able to add some interesting activities to our lessons.


The morning class went well with a nice question and answer session with Julia’s help. It also gave me a chance to show off some Latin dance moves. Cormac and Cassidy joined the I Spy game in our classroom and added some pep to my game of bingo.


Before lunch we had a back finger and neck bending session of Tai Chi with one of the chiropractic instructors and his students. After learning many exercises for losing weight, we were off to lunch to gain some more. Since the electricity and water were out at the school we could not eat noodles in the cafeteria, so we were off to a very crowded nearby restaurant where we discussed the children’s Chinese Immersion school as we were serenaded by baby shower karaoke singers next door.

The afternoon classes went much smoother as we are getting the hang of the students’ level and can plan more appropriate activities.


We gathered in the lobby to meet for dinner walking to a restaurant near the Tang Dynasty Market and learned about the one child policy from Baoli.


After dinner the Calcaterras and Crespos went on a Dairy Queen hunt as Baoli and Cindy had a leisurely walk to the hotel.