China Team Journal

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action!

We are entering our final days as we prepared for two of our three final classes. Using some of the activities, I had used with previous classes this week, I was met with blank stares. As a result, I quickly changed my tactic and used the work making game, Around the World and Pronunciation Word slap. At least everyone was moving with those games. 


Immediately after class we were to join the rest of the school outside on the field where they were making a documentary/film about the school. Apparently Robinson is taking advantage of a local TV stations interest in making a film to also try to create a school promotional video. As we were the volunteer English teachers, we were led over to two double circles of students and asked to teach to them for the cameras. Unfortunately I cannot think so quickly, so my group ended up playing Duck Duck, Grey Duck with the variation of adding different colors in front of the word duck such as yellow duck, red duck orange duck, blue duck, grey duck. We then played baseball for a little bit while we wanted to see if they wanted to film us some more. When the filming was over, we returned to the same restaurant we ate at the first day with the teachers and cleared almost every plate. Robinson, the school president joined us to express his gratitude and he even introduced us to the restaurant owner who was his friend. A round of photos ensued before we headed back to the university.


There was no rest for the weary after lunch as classes had already begun. Since Comac was not feeling well, he rested in the office. The lunch break events were felt by all as many of the students left after the break and the lack of an afternoon nap could be seen on the students’ faces.


We arrived at the hotel at 6pm, just in time to go to dinner. Cindy was not joining us for dinner since one of the teachers from La La Shoua had invited her to dinner at her home. It will be fun to hear her report on the evening tomorrow. 


The kids had a long day, so they were rewarded with a short Donald Duck episode in Chinese. Then it was off to bed for all of us.