China Team Journal

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

At school, my group learned a little bit about multiple intelligences. Ali wanted to give her students the heads up on what this afternoon’s lecture was going to be on. They also reviewed yesterday’s “Ride That Pony”. The class needed a review. The more practice they got, the more people sang along. The group got better and better with each round, they were able to keep up when we gradually went faster. Two teachers in our class have children. When Tom’s class next door sang “Ride That Pony”, one of the kids was singing the song and dancing to it. Tom’s class also did readings and talked about idioms.  Fran’s class was supposed to interview Dia and review the songs we learned yesterday. With Dia out, they worked on vocabulary and played games. They wanted to play “Little Sally Walker” but Fran didn’t know it. She only knew the lyrics, luckily Tom and Geni came in at that time. Fran gave Tom a bottle of water in exchange for Geni helping with class songs. Geni played “Little Sally Walker” and the other camp songs we taught yesterday. Fran’s assistant Bo, came to Ali’s class today.

 Ali gave this afternoon’s lecture on Multiple Intelligences. It was about the way people learn. There are the social learners who learn from talking to each other, nature learner who like the outdoors. The rest were kinesthetic learners, verbal/linguistic , visual/spatial, logical/mathematical, musical/harmonic, interpersonal/intrapersonal. Chris summarized Ali’s lectures into Chinese for the teachers.

Tom and Geni walked back to the hotel. Most everyone walked to a restaurant for dinner which specialized in Yunnan favorites. Ali was able to enjoy her eggplant dish and we all enjoyed the beautiful presentations. Friday is the end to the first week’s session and time has really flown by.

 - Nora