China Team Journal

Monday, July 23, 2012

First Day

How better can we describe our first day of our volunteer project.  We were welcomed enthusiastically and warmly to the Kunming Teachers Training Center in the opening session this morning. Much appreciation was expressed to Global Volunteers and the 203 Team Members for their participation with the School.

Next we divided into the Primary School Teachers’ Session-19 teachers and Fran and Dia for a 90 minute first class.  The 26 Secondary School Teachers were led in their session by Tom, Geni and Nora.  Both sessions began with volunteer and teachers’ introductions of themselves.  Both sessions followed up with ice breakers and getting to know you exercises.  All of which emphasized using English.  Fran was especially embarrassed at one point when she noticed her constant use of Y’all. Slang is a hard thing to leave behind.

Following the morning session 12 University and Global Volunteers went for a many course luncheon at a delightful unique restaurant - the Shiping Assembly Hall. 
Because there is such a variance in the language skills of the volunteers, our Chinese language classes are to be divided, With the 5 beginners enjoying a separate lesson. The rest of the afternoon was completed with individual trips out to drop off laundry, buy some special classroom supplies and enjoy the streets of Kunming.

Ali was able to join us for dinner and we worked on lesson plans and lecture plans for Tuesday at our dinner meeting. The individuals departed to work on Tuesday lesson plans after dinner.

- Fran