China Team Journal

Monday, July 30, 2012


It’s Monday and Team 203 had its usual breakfast and lunch meeting to plan for the upcoming week. No class was held in the morning so the team was able to spend extra time on lesson plans after their weekend away in Lijiang.

Nora gave the weekly journal assignments while Geni reviewed current health and safety issues during lunch. The team is happy to be back in Kunming eating our usual healthy Chinese diet with lots of vegetables and fruit.

Geni and Nora will lead Ali and Nora’s secondary school teacher’s group this week. Today they quizzed students on pronunciation issues and engaged students in a fun game of identifying and naming animals - a version of the Fly Swatter game. Teachers were rewarded with emory boards, combs, shower caps and other hotel room give-aways. Games and chants followed in a rowdy and fun manner.

Tom led his group in pronunciation exercises, vocabulary games and common expressions and phrases. The class was visited by Nora who reviewed games and chants with the group. Dia and Fran’s group spent the majority of the class time identifying their hometowns on the Yunnan Province map and their favorite vacation sites on the China map. Next the class worked on idioms and Dia led the class in songs and chants. “I’m a little teapot” was a big hit.

At dinner the group listened to Baoli’s review of the Flying Tiger’s history and the importance of the field trip on Tuesday afternoon to the site of the Flying Tigers Memorial. We also discussed other class ideas for Tuesday afternoon.

- Fran