China Team Journal

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lots of Dancing!

Today, in Nora's class, we learned the Macarena, reviewed the stories the students had written, and worked on translations. In Dia's class, we also studied the Macarena, played Simon says, and head, shoulders, knees and toes. In Geni's class, we also learned the Macarena, some other songs, and we read stories and poems. We learned that enunciation is a big problem among the English language teachers in Kunming, and we need to emphasize pronunciation training in future sessions.

After lunch, we had a dance/singing session, led by Dia, Nora and Geni. Ali was able to hook up her computer to a speaker, for special dancing. It was surprising to discover how useful are Songs and dances were even among elementary and middle school teachers. In fact, the camp routines were the most popular items during the session. People seem to like to get up and move. They really like the Macarena too, although Tom still can't seem to get moves right.

Tom and Frances walked home from school, the girls took the bus, and visited the stationary store to get new supplies.  After dinner, we were all so tired we went to bed early.