China Team Journal

Monday, July 18, 2011

Thought for the Day:

To Learn of the Pine, Go to the Pine.

Japanese Poet: Basho

Journal by: Gretchen Webster

Monday morning brought us all back together for an 8 oeclock breakfast. As we were discussing the plan for the day and Warren told us we would have a free morning, his cell phone rang. Chris was in the lobby. Suddenly our free time turned into: Give us 10 minutes . Weell be right down!

Taking off in the van we spent the morning walking around the new Kunming University, driving around the new Yunnan University and the New City with Chris pointing our all the places of interest, including the wholesale district for global exports, the offices and apartments for dignitaries and important political people, plus the very new and beautiful middle school for their children. It was all very interesting. We had been looking forward to this tour and had it on our Important things to do list. We returned to the hotel for lunch in the Porridge Restaurant and then gathered our materials for afternoon classes of Group Instruction.

Warren visited each class and discussed the field trip to the Hump Memorial for Flying Tigers that would be Tuesday afternoon. He handed out a short paper explaining the significance and history so the students could have an introduction to this special place that honors the volunteer Flying Tigers during WW II.

We returned to the hotel after our classes that ended about 5:00. We had a short meeting at 6:00 in the library to discuss the programes progress so far and what is coming up in the next couple weeks.

A short walk with umbrellas in hand, took us to Mama Fues . a favorite dinner place for Global Volunteers. Most of us enjoyed Pizza and Wine and a couple adventurous teammates enjoyed/endured a SPICY Thai Salad.