China Team Journal

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Journal by: Claudia Bailey

After a hearty breakfast and journal reading by Lynn, we made a quick stop in our respective rooms to gather our teaching materials. Sunny weather greeted us as we boarded the bus and we again marveled at Mr. Fonges ability to find new routes to campus in record time. We dispersed to the 3rd floor classrooms to await our teachers/students. Lynn began class with dictation from a CHINA DAILY article about exploding watermelons. This led to a short discussion centered on chemical treatments of crops. Our main discussion topic focused on teacheres responsibilities, student attitudes, and freedom of activities for students during campus life at commuter vs. boarding campuses. We also encouraged the teachers to work on selecting topics for their speech to be given next week and making an outline. A few songs rounded out the morning.

After lunching at the hotel, we returned to campus for a short lecture by Susan and Anna. Susan related regulations and events associated with adoption of Chinese babies by non-Chinese. Pictures and comments poignantly documented the development of her loving family which welcomed 2 orphans from China. Anna also shared some of her experiences in welcoming her little sister. to the family, some humorous moments when her American classmates discovered her parents. were not Chinese, and discovering her 2 siblings, also adopted and now living with other adoptive families in the US. After a few Q and Aes, the team had a little time to devote to shopping and headed off to the Bird and Flower Market. Entering the jade market, we were overwhelmed by the multiple floors crammed with booths displaying jade in every imaginable form.

Between our limited time frame and the prices, we were soon exiting this area and moving on. We dispersed into the Bird and Flower Market proper and Susan, Anne, and Lynn made selections from various booths: a beautiful figurine, colorful shadow puppets, an other items. I noted that business must be good. since many of the proprietors were seated in front of laptops.
Catching a cab for our return to the hotel was a challenge but we all made it back safely in time to enjoy yet another good meal. Planning for our morning of group learning and afternoon of games. kept us occupied until we fell into bed for a nightes sleep