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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thought of the Day: Health is the most important thing in life. Without good health, you can’t fully enjoy any of the things you like. It is crucial that you take care of your body.
- Yibo

Today was a challenging day for me because I felt I had to try to get replacement blood pressure medicine. Baoli, as always was very helpful, and found out I would have to go to a hospital. Thus I decided I could not go to the Shaanxi History Museum with Bob and Karen. However, the medicine became a true team experience. Baoli got the medicine but I thought the strength was too great. Yibo checked on the composition and usual strength of the dose. Bob having had experience in these matters obtained a good sharp knife from the kitchen and cut one of he pills and crushed another which I could then divide for a dose. Then Yibo advised me about the rest of the doses- small and then increasing. Makes sense to me. Karen was having an in depth visit with Sunshine, but also contributed good advice. I felt cared for.

Then that evening I went to the Chinese opera. I got there just as it was starting, but I found my friendly James who helped me get the exchange ticket, and led me to a seat in the 3rd row or way down front. The costumes were fabulous, the singing was as expected, happily there were English subtitles. Contrary to my usual taste, I found the military scenes most appealing. And once when it snowed on stage, it also snowed on the audience. But it was disappointedly short ending by 9:10. And the shops in the lobby were closed as we left. Obviously the thing is to get there early.

My class went better using techniques borrowed from Bob. I most concentrated on speaking slowly and eliciting responses from the students in whole sentences.

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