China Team Journal

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thought of the day: We ask the voters to let us serve them, and after we are selected we proceed to rule them.” – Charles De Gaulle

Often I think of our two countries – China and the U.S.A- and I hope for centuries of peace between us. Two great and growing countries living as co-equals could contribute greatly to world stability.

I know very little of China’s system of succession in leadership. Of course I know more about our own, but both countries, each in its own way, must strive to select leaders of compassion and wisdom with a vision of world peace.
There is no grand international formal treaty between us, but there the recognition of mutual interest in world trade. May all our disagreements be minor blips and may our friendship continue to grow. – Bob

I’m sitting here writing the journal entry for today with two of my favorite dishes right in front of me that Baoli had ordered for me, the Yangzhou Fried Rice and Tomato Stir Fry with Eggs. Life really can’t get any better than this (other than the fact that I have to write this journal), just kidding.

Anyways, the reason why I’m having dinner by myself is because my three other teammates, Allison, Bob, and Karen, as well as Baoli, are currently attending the Xian Biomedical College’s Singing Competition of some sort, and they won’t return until very late tonight. If memory serves me correctly, and fortunately it usually does, I believe this is the first time that I have to have dinner by myself since I arrived in Xian. Now I’m having trouble scooping up some tomato with eggs, where’s Captain Spork when I need him the most? Sigh. The thought of the day really should be “never rely on superheros.”

Now let’s move on to how my day went. The new student came to school with her lips slightly cracked, and it seemed to be due to dry weather. However, the weather has been quite wet in the last few days, so I really don’t know. The good thing is that she seemed to be in a much better mood than yesterday, and she is now less shy and played with her classmates more frequently. I’m sure within a couple weeks of time she will fit right in with the class no problem. Because we are going to the Zoo tomorrow (Friday), we didn’t have any of our regular classes in the morning but instead we practiced the dance that we will be performing tomorrow for an hour or so, and then we joined the rest of the classes in the main gym and rehearsed for another hour or so until lunch time. The class I’m with (Grade 4) is performing the dance together with student from Grade 3. Some of the students performed quite well, but there were a few trouble makers and me along with several other teaching assistants’ jobs were to make sure they don’t run around, and trust me, it is a lot more tiring than it sounds.

Oh and I almost forgot, Baoli came over this morning to take some pictures of me with the kids. I even had my global volunteers T-Shirt on just for this occasion.

I think that’s all I want to say about today, back to eating my delicious dinner follow by some serious MCAT studying.

- Yibo