China Team Journal

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Origami and Performances

This morning I got waked up by my Mom. I was very tired then because I didn't have much sleep. And then we had breakfast. At breakfast I was having a hard time getting the plate out. The bad thing is the coffee spilled on my food, so I didn't want my food, and I only had coffee for breakfast. And apple juice.


Then I was worried about being late because of the clock Tarik's Mom had.  But then we went to another school. We came to a performance at that school. When we went there they gave us oranges, bananas, and grapes. I didn't like the grapes, though, they had weird seeds. We went to a Chinese class. I learned some Chinese about swans. The class was weird and random but the teacher was very nice, good and awesome. Then we went upstairs to the art class. We made a lot of origami, like swans, and I was allowed to get a cat drawing which reminded me of my pet Kai my parents gave to a barn. Cormac got a picture of two fish trying to kiss each other with bubbles.


Then we went to the performances, which were very big and a hundred times better than ours. We did a couple songs, "Liang Zhi Laohu" and "Make New Friends." They did huge performances which were very awesome: they swayed their beautiful dresses and kicked their legs and I am so jealous it was amazing. I wanted to jump rope a lot but I was nervous and messed up like 300 times.


And then we went to lunch, it was very good. I had pretty much a whole bucket of food.


After lunch, we went back to the old school. We taught as usual but the girls chased me more. For the 10 minutes break I pretty much hid in the bathroom the whole time so no one would take pictures of me.


So we went to dinner. But back to dinner, we ate rice and my favorite food in China, green beans. You should have seen me use chopsticks with baby, teeny, not even an inch size little shrimps that were so good. Then the team got ice cream. After my ice cream we went to a big movie camera outside, so if you were on the street it showed on the building.


When we were back at the hotel after the TV, I demanded a picture of the hotel. It was actually 11 and up to come here, but I was lucky to come here at this hotel, and also Tarik was lucky.