China Team Journal

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Off to the Races

Today we are starting to adjust our bodies to China time a little bit more even though we are a bit jetlagged still. Breakfast was at a more leisurely pace today. As we returned to the Biomedical Technical College for our second day of teaching, we come prepared with a variety of activities to do with our students. Yesterday’s brainstorming session helped a lot when coming up with ideas for our morning classes. 


Tarik and I had a successful morning with our students and continue to make improvements to our lesson plans as we learn what works well and what does not work well for the students. Lunch was across the street at a Muslim restaurant where we ate soaked bread soup. Tarik was in heaven to be able to eat a big bowl of soup. Then it was off to the races, at least for the kids. We went to check out the new Astroturf track at the school only to find out that  the test of athletic ability for entrance to the field was your ability to jump the fence. Nevertheless, the kids were still able to run off their energy running around the Confucius statue in front of the school and did some homework before teaching again. 


In the afternoon we were a hit by playing “I Spy” and the Calcaterras also had a more successful afternoon. As we were leaving the school, we were met by Robinson, the President of the college who wanted a picture with us in front of the huge electronic “Welcome, Global Volunteers” sign in front of the school. Despite our efforts to eat dinner early, it seems that dinnertime will remain at 6pm. Mushroom soup filled a variety of stomachs as we learned about Cindy’s day at La La Shou. Then it was off to bed.