China Team Journal

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lots of Teaching

Today I remember I had breakfast and we waited like for one whole hour for the taxi.  Even one taxi stopped and didn’t pick us up.  He wouldn’t take us there.  And then this guy on a motorcycle helped us on a bus that goes to the museum.


At the museum I saw lots of very long, long, long time ago, even before the zeros kinds of art that still China made.  I saw ancient kinds of art like old cauldrons and dead horses and things made out of bronze and clay.


After the museum we went to a water fountain and I had ice cream and it was nice there.  The water was dancing like people to the music, but it was like spraying.

We went back home for a little break and we had lunch downstairs at the hotel.


Then we went to teach and that is a long story.  We taught for a long, long time but then we had a break and people took thousands and thousands of pictures.  Pretty much the whole class took pictures.