China Team Journal

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it."

“Sign with Global Volunteers, kid, and we’ll make you a star.” After 2 days with the film crew (o.k., one guy with a camera and tripod), we’re hoping for an entry as “Best foreign Documentary” in next year’s Academy Awards. But we’ll be content if the films help the collage and future China program adventures.

After our morning’s teaching, we returned to lunch at the hotel—yummy spring greens among the delicious dishes—and a free afternoon, each of us heading our separate ways before meeting up at 5:20 to head off for dinner and a performance at the Shaanxi Grand Opera House/Tang Palace.  The evening was a success: after a seemingly never ending supply of steamed, fried and boiled dumplings, we watched sinuous dancers, takented musicians, and a comic whistler, all dressed in gorgeous costumes reminiscent of the Tang Dynasty—well, perhaps not the bare midriffs. A quick cab ride home to our hotel to prepare for a long day on Thursday.

- Mary