China Team Journal

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today."

Our first day with a morning and afternoon class was challenging—learning students’ levels, adjusting planned activities as we go. Students pick up on humor; enjoy seeing a little “ham,” loosening up. Julia hosted a delicious lunch and Della chose great dishes with the ying/yang flavors going on.  Fun, much needed break for our full day.

Outside, at the school’s entrance, was a Welcome Global Volunteers sign. And, in the courtyard, a recently acquired statue of Confucius had its unveiling. Very impressive, with its gold color shining out to welcome and inspire all of us. Groups were present for pictures and the official presentation will be later.

Our driver to and from the school does interesting maneuvers among cars, bikers (motor and manual), carts, pedestrians and other obstacles. His horn is talking all the way.

We had dinner at our hotel with Baoli—an egg/tomato dish that is a Xi’an family favorite (and mine). Plus, local spring greens and, of course, more!