China Team Journal

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thought for the day:

Education is the solution.

Journal by: Lynn Murry

The air this morning after the rain was refreshingly cool. Perhaps the seasonal rains make the difference, but I think that Kunming is the cleanest of the Chinese cities that I have visited. We rarely see paper or other litter flying down the streets; and so far, all the people we have seen appear to be adequately nourished, healthy and spry.

After breakfast in our special room at the hotel, we hopped in Mr. Fong's bus and headed for the university. Our class was waiting and came roaring to life after a four-way competitive chain game of substituting letters into the word sun. We had a lesson on bacterial versus viral diseases and antibiotic efficiency. After some phonics training, the students, again grouped in fours, wrote stories about a cartoon, and one volunteer shared them to the class.

At lunch time, we rode down the street of plane trees (sycamores) and marveled at how they could grow as large as they are given the lack of root space and available ground for collecting water to support the plant. Then we enjoyed a lovely repast at the hotel and headed back to the university for afternoon lectures.

Anne gave a presentation on ―US immigration through history and Claudia, on ―panda conservation. The baby pandas were very cute. The late day free hours were filled with buying tickets to ―Dynamic Yunnan for tomorrow night and preparation for tomorrow‘s lesson. About six, we went to dinner at a fabulous restaurant around the corner from the hotel. We enjoyed a wonderful repast of rice (plain and sweet), a wonderful potato pie, vegetable soup, dumplings, excellent eggplant and, my favorite--very spicy, fried mushrooms. A walk through the neighborhood and preparation for tomorrow‘s sing and dance exercise completed our day.