China Team Journal

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Team 161, Kunming, July 7

By Margaret

Thought for the Day: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER

Photo for the Day: Margaret using pictures to teach conversational English to her students

Breakfast was when ever you showed up.

Lunch at 12:00 everyone participated. Several hotel staff sang songs to us in appreciation for the English classes we gave them the first week we arrived. The hotel staff had wine in their glasses and we had coke or water. What is wrong with this picture?

Hu Di asked for our flight schedules so she could make arrangements for our departure. We also got the rest of the week’s activities.

We joined our students for an afternoon session. Then we went directly from school for dinner. We ate at The Kitchen in the Neighbor, which is owned by our spectacular driver Mr. Qi or nickname (Tiger).

We wandered into a TCG Nordica which is a gallery/stage/culture education/cafe. We viewed drawings that we could not believe had been drawn by children approximately 5 years old.

Had a safe trip to the hotel. Now it is time to check out the 20th floor. Only John goes to the 4th floor for a massage.