China Team Journal

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Team 161, Kunming, July 5 & 6 (Kunming Group)

By Corrine

Thought for the day: “Humility is the solid foundation of all the virtues.”  --Confucius

Photo: (1) Corrine with students in the classroom during the week. (2) Lovers watching boaters on Green Lake.

We are the “stay-at-homes”:  Kathleen and Martin, Tim, John, Rhonda, Corrine, along with Hu Di and cousin Brent.

There was the walking, some shopping.  Corrine and John met Mr. Ma at the Sacred Heart Cathedral and visited with Sister Mary Ann who explained much about the status of the Catholic Church in Kunming and in China.  On to the Bird and Flower Market for a look.  Then the RAIN, the rain – a deluge -- and we hoped it was not raining for our teammates in Lijiang.

John and I went to YUNNAN DREAM, the performance at the Yunnan Art Theatre on Saturday evening.  It would rival an extravaganza in Las Vegas!  The theme was of an American Flying Tiger who had crashed in the mountains, was rescued and hidden by various nationalities. Patrons of the theatre were seated at tables and served tea and fruit. Then the music began.  Song and dance, beautiful costumes, people dropping from the ceiling, spectacular lighting effects, acrobats and magic followed.  Even a tiger, a horse and birds were part of the program.  When the spotlight focused on us and John and I were feted with the ceremonial saucer of wine, we drank with great aplomb and to much applause.  Our moment of fame and celebrity had come and soon left.

Tim and his wife, Ming, left early on Sunday morning.

John and I returned to the church at 9 AM where the congregation sings heartily and prays devoutly as the traditional Mass is celebrated.  When leaving we were tapped by a young woman who asked us to join her small group for a discussion.  We soon met Sister Margaret and her class of bible students.  Sister Margaret is here to open a Catholic Social Services Center for Yunnan Province.  She told of her life in Singapore before returning to China. And we learned more about her work here.

Paddling and dancing gave real balance to this fine day as Kathleen and Martin went to Green Lake Park and paddled on the lake while Rhonda danced with the senior citizens there.

Hu Di treated her cousin, Brent, to pizza for the first time.

We await our confreres with their news of Lijiang and its delights.