China Team Journal

Friday, June 20, 2008

Our Tribute

Please enjoy this video tribute to our past, and present, China Global Volunteers. It is played to background music of "Forever Friends"

Forever Are Friends
Friends are not easy to find even you go a thousand miles.
More friends make life easier.
Treat each with honesty and honesty creates miracle.

Let us be friends forever. Loads of gold cannot buy friends.
More friends keep spring around always.
Show your heart and hearts connect.
Let us be friends forever.

Make new friends and do not forget old friends.
New friends become old friends.
The sky is high and the earth is deep.
Water flows when mountain is high.

Hope we have good friends all over.

If you have joined us on a program we'd like to thank you for all the contributions you have made. If you have never joined us, we invite you to do so - we know you can make a difference in China, and perhaps China can make a difference in you!


Baoli said...

Many thanks to the so many wonderful volunteers who have served in China and helped establishing the mutual understanding and friendship between the people of different cultures.

The most wonderful thing for me is seeing volunteers arriving in a different community of a different food, language and customs with doubts, but slowly the doubts goes away as they open their eyes, relax, embrace the difference, talk with the people and finally become friends...