China Team Journal

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Team 161, Kunming, June 24

By Margaret

Thought for the Day: You can give wisdom but someone must use if for the benefit.

Photo for the Day: It is a new custom in China that meals end with fruits. This was the fruit plate we had at Crouching Dragon River Restaurant.

Hi Ho Hi Ho it is off to Kunming Teacher’s College we go.

Here are some of the comments made at lunch for our second day:

Carol/Joshua-Students had a debate if there should be a beauty pageant for men? Carola got our attention by saying NUTIE. She sure did get our attention.

Dixie/Corrine-Students started a story about a frog. Then each student added to the story, but the frog almost got left out at the end of the story.

Glenda-students are teaching her new songs.

Martin/Margaret-Conversation skill if you had 2 weeks off and lots of money where would you go.
Students were interested in Martins’s occupation. If he was an eye surgeon, why do you wear glasses?

Hu Di was talking about the weekend trips and she meant to say tourism, but it came out terrorism.

A good laugh is good for the digestive system. With all this good food, we need a good system.

Yea my roommate has appeared, Rhonda.

Volunteerism was the subject for the afternoon class. Hu Di talked Global Volunteers and John, Tim, Margaret, Corrine talked on other volunteer positions.

We walked to the Crouching Dragon River Restaurant. If we were ducks, it would have been great. It was lightening and pouring down raining all the way to the restaurant. Food was very good. I have not had a bad meal in China. We gained Rhonda and last Dixie, who is having stomach issues.

Meeting with Mr. Ma from Kunming International Travel Service, he did not have all the information. He will have it tomorrow.