China Team Journal

Friday, April 12, 2013

Satisfying Teaching Experience

Today was again a satisfying teaching experience for all three of us. Our groups were more mature and attentive and put forth an excellent effort. I introduced myself with the true and false game and then allowed them to have a turn which lightened the mood and created some laughs. We then spent a lot of time on adjectives, describing animals which I had vivid pictures of. We reviewed the adjectives, explained meaning and practiced pronunciation. Then I wrote some riddles on the board with three sentences. The students read the clues and guessed the animal. Then they wrote their own riddles. Some of the students struggled with this, but with assistance they succeeded. They took turns putting them on the board.  Then I introduced body parts and action words. We reviewed these and played a simple game of “Simon Says.”  Several of the students danced during the break and one sang a beautiful song. The students seemed very happy to be a part of the sessions and it was an enjoyable day for all.