China Team Journal

Friday, November 16, 2012

What Fun!

Friday we had a chance to teach 7th graders.  What fun!  For the most part they were very responsive and caught on quickly to what I wanted them to do.  Two of my classes got far enough to describe what I was wearing with good detail. The third class struggled with spelling “jacket” and saying “ten” instead of “tongue”.


Saturday the three of us took a trip to the Stone Forest.  Frank met us at the hotel and we went in the school van along a smooth expressway into the mountains.  The Stone Forest National Park was beautiful.  We rode the trolley ¾ way around the park then got off and hiked through the rock formations, up and down, in and out for about two hours.  We left the park and ate at a small restaurant where Larkin, having become fond of fried bee larvae, ordered a plateful for lunch.


After lunch we drove through the countryside, seeing small towns and farms.  Frank was looking for a stone village for us to visit.  We didn’t quite find it and headed back for Kunming, this time not on the lovely expressway, but up hill and down valley and the closer we got to Kunming the thicker the dust and truck traffic.  The driver passed often and we didn’t have any head-on collisions, but we were sure glad to get back to the hotel.


Sunday we all went to the Flower and Bird market to do some shopping.  We enjoyed all the birds in the elaborate cages and tried to get the mynahs to say hello—in vain.  Lunch was at a new restaurant in the shopping mall.  Don got quite sick again and this time the swimming pool is suspect.