China Team Journal

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

International Children's Day

Today (June 1) is the International Children's Day. The festival is celebrated in many countries, including China. It's a day to remind all the world of how special and important the children's are and all children should be well-treated, respected and taken care with love. We should all, in particular, spare a thought for those children who are less fortunate.

To celebrate the special day, our community partner, Xi'an La La Shou Special Education Center had been thinking of organizing a field trip for all the children in the school. Global Volunteers was so pleased to help make the idea come true. With the donation from some volunteers, we were able to donate funds for the transportation cost of the field trip. So, on May 21, the group of 70, including the children, some parents and volunteers made a trip to the Wild Animal Zoo. The children were all so excited to be outside. They played, laughed, watched the animals, some children even presented their performances with the help of their teachers.

Yibo, who was a young Global Volunteer in his twenties and had been working in La La Shou were on the trip too. He was so happy for the children and the parents to have outing day like that. In his three weeks service, he had developed a close relationship with the teachers and the children in his class. "I am really glad to have the chance work here. I’m very impressed with the amount of devotion the teachers have towards these kids and their well-being...I was really surprised at how much the students missed me when I left the school at the end of my volunteering program. Although they may not be as responsive as normal children, they certainly have strong emotions, and apparently I have made a bigger impression to them than I thought."