China Team Journal

Sunday, February 14, 2010

(Bud Philbrook and An Wei, post author, in China)

Global Volunteers has served in China since 1996. We have had all kinds of English speaking instruction, service teams to help judicial workers, and community construction. All of these service programs have produced an everlasting impact especially the English teaching to young kids and college kids who will shape the future in China.

An outstanding example is one young boy who attended the teaching here at the high school and later became an expert English professor at the university. Global Volunteers has really changed a lot of young people’s lives.

Project peace started in 2002 and helped build a much needed elementary school in a small remote village. Global Volunteers worked side by side with local people. This provided a good opportunity for local farmers to learn English because many may not have been to the capital city even though it’s only a few hours away. A course about laptops now will let the villages say hello and goodbye. This provides a good opportunity. I think Global Volunteers had made this village of just 410 families and 1540 people a model village in China. An Shang by China standards is very lucky! Thank you,An Wei -- Global Volunteers China representative and An Shang village leader