China Team Journal

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday, November 12

Thought for the day: “People lie down, chickens lay eggs.”

Much of each day’s activity is similar to the previous days. In the Navy, we had an expression to cover such a situation: “Steaming as before.” So this journal scribe will not discuss events similar to the other days, only variations.

Group members had discovered how to get eggs the way they wanted them. Ted took a thousand words or so to deliver a six-word thought for the day. Aleatha used as many to describe the previous day. Then Sgt. Major Bao Li shaped up and sent her motley platoon off the carry the GV banner over the ramparts of Kunming University. Classes as usual from 8:30-11:30, back to the hotel for lunch, and then back to school for the Danielle Special Performance. It was a tour de force!

After a quick turnaround at the hotel, we headed down the back alley to the strangely named “Jordan Café.” Special plaudits for the pumpkin and the soup. The standing pig ribs were artistically impressive but very tenacious in retaining its meat until Bao Li and Eleanor wrestled it into submission.

And that’s the way it was, in a slightly imaginative way, on Nov. 12 09 for the GV Team 178 in Kunming. Hey, we’re working hard, having fun, living well, and enjoying the fellowship of a young teachers, plus a group of mostly over-the-hill volunteers under a superb leader. Can’t wait to see what happens on Friday, the 13th.

by Ted