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Monday, January 19, 2009

We are One Family in Love---La La Shou New Year Party

On Jan. 16, all the La La Shou children, teachers, office staff, parents celebrated the start of the Year of Ox together. The theme is “We are One Family in Love”.

Together, they presented us a perfectly imperfect performance show. Not every moment was completely in order. Not every performance went as planned. Not every sound was articulated clearly and correctly. Not every applaud happened when it was supposed. I could count tens of places for improvements, but none of them mattered because:

“Every life deserves respect and love. Some even more…Nothing in the world is difficult if you set your mind to it… There are some moments when we doubted the value of our child, but there are also others when we feel we can never love them enough…We can not forget the support we have received from local and overseas organizations either. And all the volunteers, Chinese and American, are the dearest to us….” (Quoted from La La Shou New Year Party)

To all the Global Volunteers who have worked at La La Shou, we want to thank you again for having helped the children, teachers and parents in so many ways, teaching, assisting, playing, feeding and loving. I hope the pictures will help me to share with you the happy moments and pass you the lasting gratitude from La La Shou. They miss you and hope you will come back.

1. Five boys reciting Tang Dynasty Poetry
2. A basketball player acted by Du Jialin
3. Cheerleaders: Gao Xing and his teacher
4. A Xinjiang Ethinic Dance by teachers

Wish you a Happy New Year!!!


Volunteers in China said...

This is the first blog I have ever seen; I was impressed with all the content and how a medium like this is able to capture the work that goes on in China under the auspices of Global Volunteers. La La Shou's New Year greeting was especially meaningful for me and I looked very hard at the pictures to see who I was able to recognize.

In friendship,